The Importance of Blogs – Improving your Google Ranking

Writing regular blogs may seem a daunting task, with writer’s block and a lack of inspiration often getting in the way along with dedicating time to such tasks.

Brand building is a time-consuming job with lots of mega important things to do that all need to be done yesterday and to the best of your ability. These tasks often take priority over writing blogs and updating content to your website, however understanding the importance of blogs could bring them higher up your list of things to do.

Google and other search engines have over 1.88 billion websites to rank, all fighting for position 1 on page 1. Blogging is one credible and proven way to make sure your website ranks higher than your competitors, providing the content is relevant, informative, and written in the right way.

Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine and it ranks websites on several factors, one being the content within the site, how relevant this is to the products on offer and how they have been written. Here are some of the key reasons why blog writing is key to the success of ranking higher on search engines.

1. Blogs attract customs

Posting new blogs will eventually show up on search engines and providing you have capitalised on keywords within the SEO, the blog should eventually show up to customers that use these keywords when they start to search. When writing any blog, think about what your target customer might type into a search engine and make sure this is represented in the content of the blog and also in the SEO strategy using keywords.

2. Blog maintain interest

Keeping your customers engaged is paramount to them coming back over and over again. You might not have any new products or services on offer, but a new blog could engage with your customers and make them spend time on your site, maintaining your relationship and hopefully custom. You can promote these new blogs on social platforms and newsletters very easily.

3. Reputation

An informative and educated blog will help determine your site as the guru within your field. Not only will google pick up on this and use this to help score and therefore rank your website, but your customers will also soon recognise you are the website to go to if they need information relevant to what you do.

4. Blogs can help you to advertise

Research has shown that 80% of companies prefer to advertise in the form of a series of articles that educate and show a level of expertise rather than spend on traditional adverts that say “BUY NOW”.

5. Blogs gain trust

Writing regular blogs that are informative, accurate and promote discussion and sharing will see a natural increase in trust in your brand. This trust is quickly shared around your target customers and the more people that read them, the stronger this trust becomes.

Remember, blogs can be written but also recorded whether you are creating a podcast or a Vlog (video blog). Vlogs are a very useful tool when it comes to improving your online presence, especially when you can rank your video high in search results. If you can get the correct keyword content in your title, description and your audio then you are much more likely to rank higher in YouTube and Google search results, due to YouTube matching your written content with your spoken words. Linking your blog with a vlog that talks about the subject will ensure that you do not lose the audience due to them not wanting to read through your content as well. Time-starved consumers will watch or listen to a Vlog rather than read, so think about a blend of both Vlogs and Blogs to engage with customers.

If you are a start-up that would like to get a good search engine ranking for your blog and website content, contact us today.

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