How we improved our SEO, Page Speed and User Experience

Since 1997, we have had several simple format websites that have evolved over the years as we offer more services as trends and technologies progress. One of these new services offers our clients website creation, maintaining the DNA of the brand and making sure the tone, function and feel replicates the sportswear we have created for them.


We have utilised this service ourselves, and Tom, who manages the web builds was tasked to create a more user-friendly website for Blue Associates Sportswear while looking at improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google is constantly changing the way it ranks websites and with over 1.8 billion sites globally, it’s never been more important to build your website properly so it ranks well in search engines and reaches your target customers.

We started by tracking our website users behaviour to see how we could improve the usability and design of our website so people could find what they came for. We analysed each page and worked out the average journey, noting the pages that engaged and also the pages where we saw people leave the site. This gave us a clear picture of what to improve.

Once we had a clear idea of the user journey, we thought about a clean modern interface that people would visit and immediately understand how to navigate around the site.  We looked at many of the modern-day websites like Amazon, Google and Facebook to see how they laid out their website navigation to ensure that our visitors would be at home navigating around our website and not hit a point where they had nowhere to navigate to and closing the website.

User friendly

After agreeing on the user-friendly design, we reviewed our website content using the tools Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to ensure that when we migrated the content across from the old website we weren’t losing any data and were maximising our search engine ranking when our website was analysed by organisations like Google or Bing.

We then started putting together our website on a temporary domain for building and initial testing to minimise the amount of time that our website was down and ensure that we spent all the necessary time on the website build and testing it before we launched. This allowed us to set up our website on an AWS server to improve our page load time and ensure that Google ranked us number 1 on search results.

We spent a long time working on natural search engine optimization, making sure we had relevant links and keywords built into the content on every page. This ensured that not only our homepage would attract traffic, but secondary pages would appear in more searches increasing natural traffic.

Analyse and test

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool was then utilised to analyse and improve our website speed that went from a previous score of 49/100 with our old website to a current score of 92/100 despite us having a richer website experience for our website visitors. Now we’ll be able to get more visitors to our website and they’ll have a much better user experience navigating around the site with great page load times compared to our previous site.

If you are a start-up that is looking to create your online store, then contact us today about how we can help you.

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