9 Blokes climbing 3 mountains in 24 hours. What could possibly go wrong…?

3 weeks ago, while enjoying a beer or two on holiday, I decided I would join 8 other guys for what sounded like a simple stroll over 3 hills one weekend. The following morning, the realisation struck while downing a double hit of caffeine that I had signed up to trek the 3 peaks in 24 hours.

The 3 Peaks Challenge entails climbing the 3 highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours including travel between the mountains.

Since that day, it’s fair to say, Harper (our studio dog) has never walked so far, joining me on daily training walks or runs, and she’s loving it.

The challenge starts at 4 pm on the 17th of September with our first climb, Ben Nevis (4413ft). We end the descent in darkness and head straight to Scarfell Pike in the Lakes (3209ft).

Scarfell is the smallest of the 3 mountain stages, however, it will be the toughest climb, being more technical and the fact we will start to climb around 2 am without sleep and in the dark.

From there we head to Snowdonia for a late Sunday morning stroll (unless we’re running late and then it might turn into a mad dash).

So how am I feeling with 9 days to go? To be honest. I am less worried about the climbing, lack of sleep, the potential for bad weather or doing this in the dark. My main fear is sharing a minibus between each mountain with 8 other guys. Perhaps I need to source a decent gas mask!

We have decided to raise some funds for a local charity “The Hospice of St Francis (Berkhamsted) via Just Giving. If you would like to support us, then please click the link, and donate.

Stuart Brooke


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