Terms & Conditions

  1. The client agrees to the completion of the project as quoted and confirmed before work is commenced. An invoice will be raised for the 1st stage of the project that confirms your acceptance of our quote and will need to be settled before work starts on the project.
  2. The client agrees to all points raised in our terms and conditions.
  3. Until all invoices are settled in full, the copyright on all designs, development, sourcing, and research remains the property of the supplier. Only when all outstanding invoices are settled will the copyright of the designs, development, sourcing, and research pass to the client.
  4. The order/project cannot be cancelled without agreement by the supplier in writing and on terms that the client will indemnify the supplier in full against any outstanding work carries out including any loss including loss of profits, cost including labour, materials and expenses.
  5. Any alterations/additions to the agreed project will result in additional fees or costs that will be advised in full prior to them being executed.
  6. Any pauses or delays by the client through the progress of the project will result in an overall delay in the project lead time and could result in additional fees subject to the length of the delay. The supplier will submit a critical path once the project is live to show the lead times of the project and therefore highlighting the time required for the client to approve each stage.
  7. Any expenses relating to the project including sample costs, courier charges, duty and import charges, trim developments, print or embroidery set up fees, travel and accommodation will be charged at cost with copy receipts submitted further if required.
  8. Meetings to be conducted in our studio, online or by phone. Any external location meetings will be charged and the supplier will confirm these costs prior to confirming the meeting.
  9. Further to the termination or end of this project, any such sources, factories and suppliers introduced by the supplier cannot become direct suppliers to the client without the written agreement from the supplier for a period of 3 years from the date the project ends. Any agreement to allow the client to utilise such sources, factories and suppliers will be based on either a finders fee or continued commission on future production for a further 2 years. Such fees or commission will be advised by the supplier in advance of any further direct business being conducted by the client with such sources, factories and suppliers.
  10. Any strike-offs (samples) or tooling on trims, prints, embroideries, appliqués that are presented to the client further to the approval of the presented CAD design that are not approved other than because of quality will be subject to additional set up costs which will be invoiced at cost. Also, note that any change in the design will also incur an additional design fee.
  11. All mould costs and set up charges for trims, appliqués, embroideries and prints will be charged at cost from the factory.
  12. Any samples will be charged at between 2-3x the normal FOB cost or an agreed fee. The supplier will confirm this cost prior to the samples being completed and any delay in payment for these samples will result in a delay of the samples and therefore the overall lead time of the project will also increase.
  13. Note that some factories charge a flat fee for the development of samples that will be paid directly to the factory by the supplier. This fee is usually refunded when a bulk order that meets the agreed MOQ (Minimum order quantity)is placed.
  14. Terms are defined in the quotation. All payments are strictly “immediate” and any delay in payment will result in interest being charged at 8% above the base level and the project and sample development being on hold until the payment is made. If payment is delayed more than 10 days then the whole project will be “On Stop” and a fee to Start again may be required.
  15. The client will have full transparency of the factory that will produce the bulk production. The factory will raise a pro forma invoice for the bulk production made out to the client directly which must be paid directly to the factory by the client promptly. Any delay in payment will result in a delay of the production lead time or ex works shipping date.
  16. Any shipping/freight/insurance/duty and taxes will need to be paid for directly to the factory if this service is required or arranged by the client via their own freight forwarder.
  17. All invoices will be charges in £-sterling and subject to VAT if the client is based in the UK. Invoices based on a value outside of Sterling £ will be converted to Sterling £ at the spot rate on the date the invoice is raised with copy of spot rates used being available on request.
  18. This contract is subject to English law.


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