What is a tech pack?

In the dynamic world of sportswear, where creativity meets performance and technology, the concept of a fashion tech pack emerges as an indispensable tool. It

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What is Brand language?

Understanding Brand Language In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, companies and brands are constantly seeking ways to stand out and make a lasting

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LuluLemon Factory

Finding the factory or the fabric LuluLemon use on their infamous women’s squat proof tights is a common request from many of our new clients.

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lead times sportswear - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

Want to know a production timeline for a bespoke activewear range?

The time it takes to launch a brand or activewear range from our initial conversation through to shipped production varies on where it is produced and how complex the garments are. China is the fastest route as the development process and size of sample rooms/ production lines are usually far bigger than European factories, however the accuracy obtained by European factories on 1st samples can sometimes catch the Chinese lead up. Below is a typical timeline of the complex processes involved and

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sportswear - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

How to design your own Sportswear?

Our sister site Sportswear-Designer allows you to create bespoke sportswear designs using our ready to use 3D templates. The process is straightforward and within minutes you can create your very own sportswear collection and have factory ready tech packs.

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Clo3D Bib Tights Design

Clo3D is the Future of Sportswear Design

As regards to Clo3D being the future of sportswear design – the future is already here. Whether it is a global brand or a start-up, embracing and developing 3D is a must. At Blue Associates, we anticipate more of our clients who have yet to take onboard 3D will soon be demanding the technology – and we are ready and waiting to guide them through their “digital shift” with a first-class and cost-effective service.

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Design Thought Process by Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

What makes a great sportswear design?

A great sportswear design is really a combination of many factors, all executed perfectly; resulting in an innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing final product. The journey of getting there is a result of countless hours of researching, design ideation, development, and analysis along the way. 

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best ul sportswear factory - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

Sportswear Factory Manager

Founded in 1997, Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd designs and produces high-performance sportswear for blue chip sports brands around the world. We are expanding rapidly and

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WordPress Blog

The Importance of Blogs – Improving your Google Ranking

Google and other search engines have over a 1.88 billion websites to rank, all fighting for position 1 on page 1. Blogging is one credible and proven way to make sure your website ranks higher than your competitors, providing the content is relevant, informative, and written in the right way.

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Harper - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

International Dog Day

Harper is our Studio dog and comes to work every day. Her contribution isn’t much to applaud, however, her timekeeping, courier driver/postman greetings and team

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Blue Associates Sportswear studio

A Year of Reflection

The last 12 months have been manic, not only dealing with covid, lockdowns, team isolating, working from home, Zoom and Google Meets on the hour

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sportswear start up

Sportswear Start-Up Pack

Starting your own sportswear or activewear brand? Our Sportswear StartUp Pack provides information on all of the key aspects required to launch a successful sportswear

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merino wool garments supplied - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

Finding the Best Merino Wool Sportswear Factory

There are several ecological benefits to using merino fabrics as it’s sustainable and biodegradable and doesn’t impact the world to grow the fibre other than a little water and some grass to chew. However, not all merino is the same quality and it’s not just the fibre that makes the difference between a great merino fabric and an average one. The quality and grade of merino is the first step to producing a soft and itch-free merino garment and it’s true, you get what you pay for.

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merino wool

Sportswear Fabrics

Sportswear fabrics are the key ingredient to the performance of any active or sportswear garment. It’s the blend of different fibres and even the construction

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sportswear samples - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

We’re Hiring

GARMENT TECHNOLOGIST Founded in 1997 and based in the beautiful Chilterns, Blue Associates Sportswear designs and produces high-performance sportswear for blue-chip sports brands around the

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sustainable sports fabrics - Blue Associates Sportswear Ltd

Virus Fighting Sportswear

Coronavirus continues to affect the world and has affected industries. The sportswear and performance textile industry is no different and has now developed performance anti virus fabrics that help stop the virus activity when it hits the surface of the fabric. Looking for Anti Virus Sportswear? Contact us now.

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