About Us

About Us

We create bespoke performance sportswear, bags and accessories for brands within cycle, run, outdoor, marine, golf, equestrian, ski and gym & fitness industries. We offer sustainable options to our eco-conscious clients looking to produce recycled polyester or sustainable sportswear.

Established in 1997, we have worked with over 250+ global sportswear brands and start-ups to create some of the best sportswear and bags in the world.

Are you looking for a sportswear or bag designer? Need a sportswear or bag factory to produce your idea? Looking for sustainable sportswear? Want to add accessories to your range? Want to start a sportswear or bag brand? Blue Associates Sportswear is a leading supplier of bespoke performance sports and activewear clothing to blue-chip sportswear brands and start-ups since 1997.

Every client is treated as if it is our first. We use our knowledge gathered over the last 21 years but never produce a me2 product or off the shelf clothing. Everything is 100% bespoke and we always start with a blank sheet, listening to our client’s objectives, the brand position, its USP and route to market. Distilling this down, we then create unique and exclusive designs to meet the brief.

Our services have grown over the years based on our experience to offer a full turnkey solution to our clients – from concept through to a delivered product and we also offer sportswear bags, luggage, accessories, crowdfunding, web design and marketing support.

We work with many start-up brands that have a great idea but lack the experience of how to start a brand, design the product, source and produce it or get the product to market. We provide the support these startups require from brand creation, logo, trims, product design, sports accessories, prototypes, sales samples, production, shipping, web design and marketing support that includes social media, photoshoots and films.

We have developed a huge network of high-performance sportswear and bag factories within Europe, China, Vietnam and Korea that allows us to place our client’s orders with a suitable factory based on quality, price, service and technical ability. We have worked with leading performance sportswear brands on top tier innovative garments using the very latest manufacturing techniques, materials and components through to entry-level clients that are more focussed on price point without compromising on quality.

Our strategy is simple – “If we produce the very best sportswear for our clients at a competitive price, then they will succeed. If they succeed, they will come back for more and everyone wins”

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