Sportswear Design templates and Tech Packs

We have recently released a collection of activewear design templates along with accompanying tech packs for customers that want to manage the sourcing, sampling, and production themselves. TEMPLATES.

Over the years, we have been approached by hundreds of entrepreneurs that have developed sportswear designs and tech packs using freelance sportswear designers before coming to us to source, develop and produce these designs. Nearly all the designs and tech packs we receive are not suitable as the designer that was used usually has no experience in bulk production and has no sources to nominate fabrics, components and trims. They also don’t understand where the goods will be manufactured and the skill base and technology available in the factory.

Sportswear designers that don’t manage bulk production are critically flawed. Sure, they can produce a great looking design, but if you drill down into the design and ask about costs, performance and quality, then nothing can be truly confirmed. If a sportswear designer doesn’t specify and nominate the fabrics, trims, and components, then all they have produced is a pretty picture, leaving the quality, price and performance totally to chance.

We compare this to an architect designing a house and passing the design of the house to Dave the builder with an arrow pointing to the windows and specifying “Glass”, expecting Dave to nip down to his local hardware store and pick up suitable windows that are the right specification, quality and performance. This wouldn’t happen and it shouldn’t happen when you are creating your sportswear products. The brand needs to be in full control and make sure that your products are at least comparative to your competitors but if you really want to success, should surpass them. This is why you need to treat your products as KING, so that your marketing and promotions simply showcase your jewels.

Because we work with around 50 sportswear brands arounds the world at once and see our clients projects through from initial concept to finished production, we have built up a huge network of fabric, trims, components and factories that we use to source and nominate ingredients for each product. These ingredients dictate the performance, quality and cost of the garment and if you simply specify a fabric composition (like every tech pack we have ever received), then you have no control over any of these elements.

Our downloadable design templates allow customers to add their logos, colour and tweak the tech pack as required. Our Find a Fabric pack allows clients to source suitable fabrics from or huge database of fabric mills. They can request fabric hangers to approve the hand feel, weight and finish and specify these if they want an alternative to the fabrics we have already specified.

The same process can be applied to the trims by using our Find Trims pack, making sure every details is thoroughly considered before you share the tech packs with a suitable factory.

We also offer customers the chance to use one of our trusted factories too. Our Find a factory pack is fully tailored to your needs. You complete a downloadable form explaining what [products you want to produce, the MOQ required, and which is your preferred territory for the factory to be based and we then recommend the most suitable factory for our database that we have accrued since 1997.

Each design has the following included-:

  • 2D Pro Cad Design of the garment, including Front, Side and Back View.
  • 3D Rendered Design including Front, Side and Back View.
  • Fully graded size specification across 6 sizes.
  • A Point of Measurements diagram so the factory understands where to allocate certain measurements.
  • Template for the Back neck, care label for you to use to create your own artwork.
  • BOM (Bills of materials list).
  • Trims and Components used on the style.
  • Fabric information for all fabrics, including linings and secondary fabrics.

This is what all good factories require from sportswear brands. Sure, some factories work with less and can help suggest fabrics and trims, however this again is like allowing Dave the builder to shop for your windows. You NEED to be in control of where every ingredient comes from to make your products so you can sleep easy knowing the quality has been checked and the suppliers are trusted in terms of quality and performance. You also want to be in control of the cost of the goods and make sure the garments are made using a suitably priced fabric.

Since 1997, we have always worked with clients that want us to manage the design, sourcing, tech packs and production and many of our clients also want us to help with the launch of their sportswear brand by developing their website and manage the marketing. We do however have enquiries form entrepreneurs that want to manage most of the process themselves, however don’t have the skill base or knowledge to design, source the fabrics, components and factory and this is where our design templates and tech packs come in.

If you want to launch a brand or already have a brand but need some sportswear designs and tech packs that you can modify to your needs, then our design templates and tech packs are perfect for you. Use our Start-Up packs to source suitable fabrics, trims and a factory and you have everything you need to manage the process yourself and produce your range of activewear.

If you would prefer us to manage the process and create bespoke activewear specifically for your brand, then get in touch for a no obligation, free quotation.

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