UK Sportswear and Activewear Factory

We have been producing performance sportswear since 1997 and work with some of the biggest and best sports brands through to entrepreneurs who want to launch their new brand.

Finding a suitable factory that can produce specialist Activewear isn’t easy. Sure, there are thousands of factories around the world that make sportswear but finding the right one that produces to the right quality, delivers on time and to the agreed specification and has ethics your mother would be proud of is hard to find.

We produce our client’s sportswear in factories in the UK, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, China and Vietnam and each factory specialises in their own particular sportswear.

We produce every type of activewear from hard shells (waterproofs), windproofs, softshells, midlayers, baselayers and accessories such as hats, gloves and socks. We have produced stich free, bonded, ultrasonic welded, seam sealed, seam free sportswear alongside the more traditional stitched apparel.

We have worked with many of the sports categories since we launched 22 years ago and these include cycle, run, ski, outdoor, marine, golf, gym, fitness, yoga, triathlon, equestrian, surf, skate, motorcycle and swimwear.

We can manage small orders for start-ups but also large orders from established brands.

If you are looking for an activewear or sportswear factory, get in touch to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

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