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Finding the factory or the fabric LuluLemon use on their infamous women’s squat proof tights is a common request from many of our new clients.

Luckily, we work with over 150 different fabric mills around the world and some of these mills work directly with LuluLemon. These qualities along with other similar qualities allow us to provide our clients with like for like in terms of quality, weight, composition, buttery hand feel and critically, 100% squat proof.

These fabric mills also work with many of the other great high end fitness brands, so we have a wide choice of suitable materials from different suppliers that can be selected based on your requirements and budget.

Most of these qualities now come in a sustainable version, using fibres such as recycled polyesters or econyl and we are also developing fitness fabrics using 100% sustainable fibres that are plant based rather than recycling plastic waste. Making them with 100% sustainable fibres is much kinder to the planet, especially if the fibres are biodegradable and break down without leaving petrochimicals.


Since 1997, we have collated a large network of trusted suppliers and factories that we have accumulated over this time based on quality, service, and skill. Many of these factories are completely hidden or under the radar in terms of finding them on Google or Alibaba as they only work with established brands who have demanded strict NDA’s to not advertise they produce for their brand.

All these factories also have demanding terms and conditions that they stipulate before they take on new clients. These terms include agreeing to produce an agreed turnover PA of production with the factory with an agreed growth year on year and some factories only entertain brands that are fully established and have a certain social media following along with an agreed order value.

Because we have worked with these factories for many years, they see us as the client and add up all of our orders together over a year, allowing us to place start-ups within their factory. This enables our clients to work with the best factories in the world and have their products produced on the same line as the likes of LuluLemon.

Our suppliers and factories allow us to conclude our own due diligence on our clients, knowing that we only work with clients that we see a long-term future with and have the ability to launch successfully and gain sales traction. We turn down many more clients than we accept as we need to protect ourselves and the factories from working with brands that don’t have a good enough chance to succeed.

Success is determined by several factors. The entrepreneur behind the brand, budget, brand USP and a clear understanding of the process behind launching and growing a brand long term. If we are happy, then in principle, our suppliers and factories are happy to work with us and our clients.

We have several options in terms of territory including Europe and the Far East depending on your volume and price objectives.

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