Looking for a freelance sportswear designer?

We have provided freelance sportswear designer services that also include development, prototyping, sourcing, production and marketing support since 1997.

The business was established to offer performance sportswear brands a quality service to tap into an external design team to support their existing design team and provide a fresh perspective on their design requirements.

Since we launched we have worked with some of the biggest names in high-performance sportswear within the cycle, run, outdoor, ski, marine, golf and gym & fitness but over the last 10 years we have also worked with many start-up brands that have a great concept but lack the experience or knowledge on how to design, prototype, source and produce this concept.

Many of the projects we become involved in are about creating something completely revolutionary and innovative because their internal design team have become stagnant or are focused on direct competitor activity. This has allowed us the freedom to think outside the box and not become too influenced by what has gone before, creating products that are complete game-changers.

Having a deep understanding and knowledge of the technical manufacturing process allows us to be far more creative when we are in the design phases of the project. We are thinking about how to manipulate this manufacturing process or fabric development to our benefit with regard to performance and features so that we end up with something innovative.

So when you are looking for a freelance sportswear designer, make sure you choose a partner that understands the production process and also has a suitable factory in place to produce the design. After all, the design stage is simply a tool to explain the concept through to a finished product and you can’t sell pretty pictures. It’s the finished product that you are judged on so understanding how to translate the concept through to production is CRITICAL.

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