Sportswear & Activewear Marketing – How we can help your start-up launch

Blue Associates Sportswear now offers clients website development, SEO, PPC, social media platform creation and advertising, pacshots, photo shoots and videos.

The team has doubled in 2020 and will continue to grow in 2021 and we now offer a complete head to tail service for our clients so that their brand language and message stays on point from concept to launch.

We see too many times; sportswear brands opt for big established marketing agencies that manage their campaigns yet get it so wrong. Why is this? Well, they just don’t get or do sport.

So many sportswear brands fall down here and lack authenticity. They use models rather than athletes who have never done the sport your brand is associated with. Therefore, they end up holding the racket wrong, run with pointed fingers or look like they’re being electrocuted when riding a bike or horse.

Because these marketing agencies that work on Cornflakes one week and Accountancy practices the next, they simply don’t get what’s right and what’s wrong because they don’t live and breathe sportswear. Quite often stylists and makeup artist are recruited to beautify the shoot, however accessories are chosen without regard for what brand compliments the client’s brand or are totally unsuitable. The accessories, equipment, locations all need to emit the same brand values and market position as your brand and this is where it all starts to fall down.

Models are often fully made up with makeup and hair and therefore don’t actually relate to the clients target audience. Sure, the model looks great but it’s just not relatable to the target audience.

Consumers do sport for several reasons, but most do it because it’s a passion. They enjoy what sports provides them and the more sport they do, the more the passion increases. Athletes that do sport understand what it takes, the hours of training, the sweat, the equipment, the stance, position and location the body needs to achieve to do the sport well. They understand that a lot of sport also requires commitment, pain, sweat and suffering. This all needs to be bottles and represented in the marketing to make your campaign relate.

We also see brands waste money on online advertising, be it PPC or Social Media due to the marketing agency not really understanding your competitors and your target market. Adverts have a broad target rather than drilling down to your core customer and while this generates clicks, you need to make sure that these clicks are completely relevant to your brand and they engage.

Working with us will help pinpoint the consumer as we know who your consumer is and also who your closest competitors are. This is understood right from the get-go and before we start to design your logo or product. We live and breathe your brand for 10-12 months before you launch so we are in the perfect position to really focus your campaign on consumers that are looking for a brand like yours.

We only offer this marketing support to our existing clients. We’re not a marketing agency or offer our services to anyone that knocks on the door. We restrict our service to our clients where we have helped create their brand and developed their range of activewear so that when we start the marketing, we can deliver a solution that aligns perfectly with the brand.

If you are a start-up that is looking for a full solution to your start-up, contact us today to hear about how we can help you from initial designs to product launch.

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