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Looking for the factory that makes for Gymshark? Want to be the next Gymshark?

We get at least 1 enquiry every week from a wannabe start-up with a great idea. They want to launch a Gym & Fitness brand, similar to Gymshark, but better quality but for a lower price so they can get more customers and undercut their target competitor.

Yep, let’s just get our heads around this for a moment.

So, you want to knock off an established brand and use the same factory, fabrics, fit and detail as Gymshark rather than create your own brand identity.

You then want to improve the quality, which is fine, this is possible by using higher-grade components, fabrics and technology, however you want to do this while providing customers with better kits at a lower price.

Gymshark is an established brand worth over £1bn. Their turnover is in the £250M+ and therefore their ordering power with the factories, mills, trims and component suppliers is pretty solid, placing orders worth millions of $. This attracts discounts across all aspects of the supply chain that allows them to produce their kit at the right price and maintain a good RRP and market share.

A start-up on the other hand is looking to produce 100+ pieces per style/colour (sometimes lower) yet undercut Gymshark. Errrrr, were good but we are not magicians.

This type of enquiry pops up every week and it’s not always Gymshark. It happens across all of the sporting industries, be it cycle, run, fitness equestrian our outdoor.

Obviously, this is a completely flawed strategy and we therefore politely refuse these types of projects.

Gymshark and ALL of the established brands all started life with a very clear strategy. They had found a gap in the market and wanted to create their own niche. They wanted to find their own consumer with their own story and message by offering them a brand that stood for something different to the establishment. This might be product related or a strong/different approach to the business. It doesn’t matter what the strategy is, the key here is that they wanted to create something that they owned rather than emulate something that was already established and therefore successful.

When I speak to any of these start-ups that want to be the next Gymshark, they have spent hours searching for the factory that produces their kit in the hope to simply plug in their logo and start producing products. Some of these start-ups have actually found factories that claim to produce for Gymshark and they have started to develop samples with them, only to be disappointed by the service, price but generally the quality. The issue here is the factories that claim to make for Gymshark don’t actually make their product. Images have been taken from the internet and they may have ordered some product to shoot themselves, however, it’s all a ruse.

Gymshark and ANY established brand will have a supply contract with their factories, forbidding them to promote or showcase any product they make for them. They need to protect their source and also prevent anyone from simply duplicating their latest designs.

If you are looking to launch the next Gymshark, we wish you the best of luck, however, if you have found a gap in the market or want to develop a brand to cater for a new niche, then please get in touch now to see how we can help.

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