How to design your own Sportswear?

Looking to design and launch your own sportswear brand or create some activewear merch, then this is what’s needed.

Our sister site Sportswear-Designer allows you to create bespoke sportswear designs using our ready to use 3D templates. The process is straightforward and within minutes you can create your very own sportswear collection and have factory ready tech packs.

Simply select the styles you want from our vast collection of templates, select the colour you want, place your logo on the garment and you are all set. You will receive a 3D CAD of your design and a detailed tech pack that includes a measuring guide, size specification, fabric description including weight and composition.

This option is incredibly convenient and targeted toward start-up brands trying to launch on a small budget to test the market. The package provides enough detailed information for you to share with factories to start the sample process and allows you to project manage the development and production yourself. It is however limited in terms of how bespoke your product is and you will be 100% hands-on throughout the process.

If you are looking for something more bespoke and want to lean on decades of experience and expertise, then Blue Associates is a perfect choice for you.


100% Bespoke Sportswear

Everything we do at Blue Associates Sportswear is 100% bespoke to your specific brand needs. We start by understanding your brand position, target market and performance requirements of your customers, so we can create bespoke sportswear designs that will resonate immediately with your audience when they are launched.

We design bespoke performance features and specify technical fabrics and trims based on the needs of your consumer and brand so that we produce a range of sportswear that is 100% focused and tailored towards your needs.

Once we agree on the design, we create the detailed tech pack, instructing the factory on how to construct the garment using specific fabrics, trims, size block and components.

Sampling and Production

We then manage the sampling process, approving and fitting each sample until we are happy to proceed to bulk production. We fine-tune the samples until bulk production starts, guaranteeing the best results possible and making sure your customers are delighted with their purchase and hopefully come back and buy more.

Production is placed in the factory most suited to your needs. This could be in Europe, or the Far East and the factory is selected based on their knowledge, technical ability, skill base, order volume and cost.

Launching your sportswear

Once production is complete, we can also help you launch your brand by create bespoke websites, again targeted towards your needs rather than building from a simple drag and drop platform and our website builds always include optimised SEO as a standard to enable your brand to be found. The website will be hosted on the most suitable platform, and we then train you on how to process orders and make simple updates, keeping you in full control.

Our services include setting up your social platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and implement google analytics so you can understand where your customers come from and how they interact with your website.

Advertising can also be provided by means of creating digital adverts and optimising these over an agreed period to make sure your adverts are performing well and providing a great ROI. To do this we will require digital photography of the products on invisible mannequins and lifestyle shots and again, this is something we can help you with, polling from our network of experienced photographers that specialise in sportswear.

Whether you have a small budget and want to test the market or want to create something bespoke and targeted, we have the perfect solution for you.

If you are not sure which option is right for you, then get in touch, let’s chat through your needs and then we can direct you to the best solution.

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