Squat Proof Leggings – How to Find the Right Sportswear Factory

Looking for squat proof leggings? Trying to find the right factory to produce great squat proof leggings?

Developing squat proof leggings is actually pretty straightforward. It’s all about using the right material and this is where you need to focus all your attention. Don’t leave this for the factory to source as they will only use mills or fabrics they want to purchase from their suppliers or worse, use fabrics they have used in past production.

Instead, you need to create a tech pack that specifies the fabric quality and fabric mill. By doing this, you are guaranteed the factory will use the quality you require. You also know the quality of the fabric based on the test results you can obtain from the mill.

So how do you find the right fabric to produce squat proof leggings? It’s all about weight and density. Many people think weight is all you need and the heavier the fabric, the more squat proof it becomes, however, this is not correct. If you have a low density, open-weave construction, then the fabric will be transparent when squatting, even though the fabric is thick.

In contrast, there are many think fabrics that are squat proof because they use an ultra-dense construction blended with high power elastane to help maintain a tight weave when stretched. This blend of high-power elastane and tight weave maintains a totally squat proof fabric.

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Please note that the quality of fibre also plays a part in this. Increasing the percentage of elastane for instance might not always work as the quality of the elastane is more important than quantity. Using a smaller amount of a high-power elastane could actually produce a more squat proof fabric than using low power, higher volume of elastane.

To find a fabric that is squat proof requires a good understanding of fabric construction and it’s fair to say, you get what you pay for. Quality mills that focus on producing high-performance fabrics will usually specify high quality, high power elastane when they develop their fabric compared to low-cost fabrics that would use a lower grade of elastane that provides stretch but a looser, easy pull stretch.

If you are struggling to find a suitable factory of fabric that can produce a good quality squat proof legging, then please get in touch. We work with over 150 performance fabric mills from around the world and have lots of options that we know provide a totally squat proof tight.

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