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Blue Associates Sportswear is the only one stop consultancy that offers a complete top to tail package for start-up sports businesses wanting to launch their brand.

Launching a new sportswear brand is incredibly involved. There are many aspects that need to be considered and completed perfectly before the launch and providing you complete these correctly, the chance of success is much higher.

Most of our start-ups are in a similar position. They have a great idea; however, they haven’t launched a brand or business before and are not from the activewear or clothing industry. Taking on such a venture can be nerve racking and many have their life savings and/or investment from friends and family at risk if they fail to launch successfully.

This is where Blue Associates Sportswear come in. We have been designing and producing activewear for our clients since 1997 and have worked with over 250 brands, many of which were start-ups and in exactly the same position. We understand the concerns entrepreneurs have and we also understand what it takes to launch a brand successfully. We’ve been there and most of our clients are start-ups going through the same process.

We have watched brands succeed and fail and therefore understand what it takes to make sure your launch is as successful as possible.

This is why we now offer a full turnkey solution for start-up sportswear brands so that we can help manage everything from branding, product, website and marketing. By offering this full turnkey service, we can maintain the brand language, tone, voice and quality across all the touch points the consumer has, guaranteeing consistency and strength.

Alongside the branding, product design, tech packs, sampling and production, we now offer our clients website & social media creation, online advertising, SEO and PPC.

When we work together with you, we know your brand as much as you do. In fact, we probably know it better than you do as we live and breathe it every day we are working on the design, samples and production. We touch, design, develop, discuss, approve, fit, critique your brand and its products every day for 10-12 months and this makes us the most suitable to then progress with the launch and marketing of your brand.

Understanding your brand, values, USP, tone, voice and customer is paramount to creating a successful launch campaign. Using a generic web builder or online agency that works on cornflakes one week and grommets the next just won’t cut it. Mistakes can’t be made as they can be costly and mediocre just isn’t acceptable. You need to communicate to your customer precisely while understanding what they need and what they expect from your brand.

Because we live and breathe your brand, we understand your product, tone, USP, values and voice and we also relate to the consumer and their needs. We simply get it. We know how to communicate to your audience because we are that audience. The team all enjoy and actively participate in all types of sport and therefore we understand what drives your customer and what works for them in terms of message.

Our website and marketing service are all in-house rather than outsourced, guaranteeing that we are truly aligned throughout the entire process, from branding through to post launch marketing.

If you are interested to find out more or get a free quote, please get in touch now.

Please note that ours Sportswear Marketing service is only available to our clients and we don’t offer this service to brands that have not developed their sportswear with us.

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