How Do I Choose a Sportswear Factory?

We are 100% independent and produce the sportswear we design for our clients through a network of trusted suppliers we have worked with for many years.

We manufacture sportswear across the globe and have partners in China, Vietnam, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and the UK. These factories all specialise in Performance Sportswear and produce everything from a simple fast-wicking merino base layer to a fully taped technical foul weather kit.

Many of the factories have invested heavily in the latest machinery and manufacturing techniques such as stitch-free, seamless, bonding, heat weld and laser cutting. These factories are all very well established and pride themselves on making for some of the world’s leading sportswear brands around the world.

We now have our own UK Sportswear Factory

Quite often there is still the perception that factories in Eastern Europe or the Far East have lower quality or standards than Western Europe or the USA, however, the truth couldn’t be further away. Many of these factories make western hospitals look archaic and filthy and producing for sportswear giants means their ethical audits must be in place.

Sure, you can still find some horrendous factories, especially if you are chasing price, but if you are looking for quality and high-performance sportswear you could compare some of these facilities to a computer or a luxury sports car factories with all visitors required to wear overshoes and hairnets to maintain the spotlessness of the factory floor

Sportswear Production

The sportswear we produce is always bespoke and we start with either your designs and tech packs OR we create designs to your requirements. Nothing is “Off the peg” and we don’t simply brand existing stock with logos. Part of this bespoke element is the fabrics and components we select and again we partner with a huge network of selected suppliers around the world so that we can make sure the quality, price and performance all meet our clients’ expectations.

We work with many different types of performance apparel and therefore our fabric library is vast and includes recycled polyesters, Merino wool blends, polyester mixes, performance cottons and viscose through to nylons and fully waterproof materials.

Our trims and components are sourced from nominated suppliers to maintain consistency across the range of sportswear products and quality is maintained and checked through a process of laboratory test results and samples. Using one trusted source for your trims increases the quality and consistency but also reduces the costs of these trims.

We can manage AQL production reports from independent test houses during production and we always request shipment samples and approve these before shipping any bulk to make sure we are 100% satisfied the quality is perfect.

Working for so many years with these factories has its benefits for our clients. Because the factory trust we work with clients that could be the next big thing, they can offer our smaller clients with much smaller minimums than they usually offer their direct clients. They do this to secure the business and grow with the brand so that there is a long-term relationship rather than season by season orders.

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