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At long last, the world has woken up to the devastation we have done to the planet over the decades and the latest story to hit the headlines are the oceans that are full of our unwanted plastic. The media has helped highlight this major issue to consumers that approach the use of plastic differently now that they understand the impacts on one-use plastic consumption.

Packaging, bags and bottles are all changing, and the future will be to produce all of these one-use items to more environmentally friendly materials. The same is also going to happen to synthetic fibre sportswear with brands now looking to switch from virgin polyester to recycled polyester, utilising the waste that pollutes our oceans.

Fabric mills around the world now offer a range of recycled fabrics and are now looking at other blends using more sustainable and planet-friendly substitutes. We believe that within the next 5-10 years, the norm from every sportswear brand will be the use of substitute virgin polyester fabrics and at Blue Associates Sportswear, we embrace this change.

Plastic Pollution

We actively offer all of our clients the opportunity to produce using either recycled or environmentally friendly fabrics so that they are at the front of this trend and can produce sportswear that not only performs for the athlete but also the planet.

We source from over 50 fabric mills around the world and continually update our library with new qualities and technologies so we can introduce these to our clients as they evolve and become available.

We produce and supply a guide to Sustainable Fabrics. Check it out here

Alongside the fabrics, we also look at other aspects that affect the global footprint of the sportswear from where the product is produced, how far the fabrics need to travel and how they are shipped to packaging made from sustainable or recycled materials.

Working with mills and factories around the world helps reduce the distance fabrics need to travel from source to mill to the factory to eventually to brand.

Components and trims can also be produced using environmentally friendlier materials and again we offer these options to our clients so that every aspect of the garment has a more sustainable and/or environmentally friendly alternative to using standard synthetic polymers.

The performance of most of these alternative environmentally friendly fabrics we use in sportswear is almost identical to non-recycled or virgin polyester fabrics and sometimes exceeds them.

If you would like to explore more options about creating performance sportswear using either recycled plastic bottles or alternative fibres such as Bamboo, Hemp, Tencel or Merino Wool for example, then please get in touch.

We love designing and producing a product that helps shape our planet and feel very proud we are helping to forge this change within this industry. We would love to work with you.

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