Recycle – Upcycle – Repair

We are huge advocates for sustainable sportswear and produce some of the most environmentally friendly, recycled or sustainable activewear for our clients across the globe.

This passion now extends to providing a fully circular solution for sports apparel brands that are also focused on their impact on the planet. 

We now provide our customers the ability to repair damaged garments through our “Repair & Reuse” program.

The days of overproduction are hopefully on their way out as become focused on quality and their environment. Making their products environmentally is key to helping the planet however prolonging the life of the garments is the next step in producing less waste and pollution.

We now offer our clients the ability to repair any damaged garments, recycling any damaged parts and making the garment perform like new. By repairing rather than buying new increases the lifespan of the product and therefore reduces waste, pollution, power and raw materials.

Repairing sportswear not only saves consumers money by not having to purchase more but improves brand loyalty as trust is built through transparency of your brand’s green credentials. Brand loyalty equates to an increased passion for your brand with customers turning into your advocate, spreading the word, and creating more advocates.

If you are looking for a fully circular solution for your sportswear brand, then please get in touch and see how we can support you and the planet.

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