How long it takes to design, sample and produce a bespoke Activewear range

The time it takes to launch a brand or activewear range from our initial conversation through to shipped production varies on where it is produced and how complex the garments are.

China is the fastest route as the development process and size of sample rooms/ production lines are usually far bigger than European factories, however the accuracy obtained by European factories on 1st samples can sometimes catch the Chinese lead up.

Below is a typical timeline of the complex processes involved and the time taken to complete each stage. If you are quoted much faster lead times than below, then please question the supplier if the garment development is bespoke to your own designs and specification as often lower quality factories will substitute fabrics for off the shelf stock fabric to speed up lead times. This sounds fine, apart from you have no idea about the origins and quality of the stock fabrics and could end up with faster production that you can’t sell due to quality issues.

Note that the timeline below is to create bespoke product for your brand and should not be mistaken for off the shelf, white label goods with your logo applied using basic stock fabrics offered by some suppliers. Read here why we don’t do this.

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