3 Ways to Get your Brand Seen this Season

Marketing your sportswear brand is an all-year-round job, whether it be improving your online marketing through SEO or Google Ads or doing traditional physical marketing in magazines and newspapers, however, it might be a good idea to tap into seasonal promotions to boost your marketing effort and tap into seasonal trends to help elevate your brand over the competition.

There are several creative, yet practical ways to promote your brand throughout the season by tapping into trending strategies. In this post, we share three tactics to get your sportswear brand noticed this season and beyond.

Leverage the Shopping Season

Each season has specific dates that are perfect to promote your brand, be it Christmas, Easter, Mothers/Father’s Day, Marathons, Tour de France, Black Friday or Halloween. After selecting the relevant event, think about how your brand is relevant or could fit into this trend and start to plan your campaign.

Work out how the event stimulated consumers and understand what activities they will partake in throughout this time to help understand how you might catch their attention to raise brand-awareness.

Look up keywords and hashtags that trend throughout the event and make sure you use these to help promote your online presence or digital-marketing and join the trend to gain new customers.

Graphics and photography need to be positioned to emulate the season. It sounds obvious, but there is no point in showcasing jackets and winter products when you are trying to promote spring. You will be surprised how many brands don’t invest in seasonal photography and reuse old shoots that were taken in the dead of winter for their spring-summer advertisements.

Think about what promotion or incentive you might offer to help stimulate sales for your target audience. This doesn’t need to be as crude as 25% off this Easter as this is a sure way of hacking off customers that just paid full price and before long your customers will wait until your next sale, killing your margin and brand position. Promotions could be as simple as becoming a member of your exclusive club to receive new releases first or free postage for the weekend.

Host a Contest

People generally love winning stuff, especially from their favourite brands and when something of value is offered.

Winning a prize in return for likes, shares or recommendations, not only elevates your brand presence but won’t damage your brand providing the tone of voice and messaging is on point. This type of online marketing contests will enable you to connect with a greater online market through social media platforms in the future increasing the number of new customers for your products. It also won’t upset anyone that has just paid full price for the item/s you might give away as the chance of winning is limited and probably wouldn’t stop them from making their purchase.

Contests don’t necessarily need to be about giving away a prize, these just help you stand-out. You could simply post a competition to see how much snow someone has shovelled, how big a snowman they made, or how many leaves they have raked in autumn with a catchy #hashtag to help promote the campaign.

Host your own event

The recent pandemic has restricted everyone’s movements and has had a devastating effect on our high streets. Many pubs, bars, restaurants and shops have closed down during the pandemic, leaving a lot of high streets with empty units and landlords desperate for tenants, however as lockdown restrictions lift, the high streets have become flooded with customers wanting to socialise and shop.

Look at this as an opportunity to promote your brand to your local market and find a suitable venue and then reach out to the owner or landlord to see if you can hire the space for an evening/week/month. Once you have confirmed the space and date, think about the message you want to get over to your prospective audience. Is this going to be about brand promotion or sales? What’s going to be your message and what will be your objective to make this event a success. Once you understand this, you can then start to plan the event and make sure you execute to the best of your ability and accomplish your objectives to make it a success.

We hope this post inspires you with a few ideas on how you can promote your brand throughout the year. At Blue Associates Sportswear, we work closely with many of our Start-Up clients on such campaigns, so if you would like to discuss your brand and potential campaign, please get in touch.

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