Creating your own Sportswear Brand isn’t as Simple as Sticking a Logo onto a Kit

Developing a brand is a complex journey. It involves lots of thought and research and a belief that you fully understand what your brand stands for what your target customer needs and expects from your brand.

To understand the potential routes to market and how the brand will be presented on all of these platforms and where in the market will the brand be positioned. Is it premium, luxury or are you chasing the budget end of the market. Perhaps you are carving a new niche sector within an established market?

You will need to know who your closest competitors are and also align your brand with other brands outside your sector but with the same type of brand perception and goals with a similar customer base as yours so you can see how they present their brand and communicate to their customers.

A brand identity is about every touchpoint the target audience has with your business. How you communicate, present your story, beliefs, product and how you interact with the outside world is all about brand recognition.

Gone are the days where a great product with a cool logo will do. Consumers who fall in love with brands buy their products because they are totally in love with the brand. It’s less about product performance, style or price and more about the desire to own something they desire and aspire to own.

Consumers that have fallen in love become long term loyal customers who help spread the word. They become ambassadors and advocates, letting their nearest and dearest know how great your brand is with real passion because of this love affair. They become your influencers.

So how do you create a brand that has your target market falling in love with you? It’s not straightforward but it all starts with a very clear vision. Your brand needs to have a clear USP otherwise why would anyone prefer your brand to an established brand.

This vision needs to be distilled into every aspect the consumer sees, touches or hears. Their senses should all be aligned so your brand message doesn’t become confused or diluted. The tone of your message needs to be succinct in every aspect and the best way to achieve this is to visualise how your customer sees your communication and for you to judge if what they see is on brand and what they expect.

If you are looking to create a premium brand then everything you present needs to be premium, from the product to the stores you sell through, the magazines that advertise you, the models you use to the look and usability of the website, to the photography, films and social media engagement. Even the choice of courier service you use and the packaging your product is sent in represents your brand. Deliver any of these aspects below premium and all of a sudden your brand can be perceived as middle-market or budget.

If you are looking to create a new brand and have a great idea, then make sure the “Brand” part of your brand stacks up, otherwise you will potentially end up with a great product with a nice logo on it.

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