Creating an Activewear Film

The power of film

Launching your activewear brand into such a crowded market can seem pretty daunting. It’s therefore paramount you make sure you articulate your brand or products USP to the best of your ability and there is no better media to do this than film.

If pictures say a thousand words, what does a film do?

Time is king here. Everyone is rush, rush, rush and it’s rare that consumers give brands quality time to digest their unique offering, especially when this is told in words. Films get the point across far quicker without any risk of confusion as the moving picture helps to demonstrate the narration.

We’re huge advocates for film and over the years have helped created some epic brand and sportswear product films.

If you are interested in creating a brand or product film for your sportswear product or brand then please get in touch.

Click here to see some of the films we have art directed.

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Want to know a production timeline for a bespoken activewear range?

The time it takes to launch a brand or activewear range from our initial conversation through to shipped production varies on where it is produced and how complex the garments are. China is the fastest route as the development process and size of sample rooms/ production lines are usually far bigger than European factories, however the accuracy obtained by European factories on 1st samples can sometimes catch the Chinese lead up. Below is a typical timeline of the complex processes involved and


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