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How to design your own Sportswear?

Our sister site Sportswear-Designer allows you to create bespoke sportswear designs using our ready to use 3D templates. The process is straightforward and within minutes you can create your very own sportswear collection and have factory ready tech packs.

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sportswear start up

Sportswear Start-Up Pack

Starting your own sportswear or activewear brand? Our Sportswear StartUp Pack provides information on all of the key aspects required to launch a successful sportswear

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merino wool

Sportswear Fabrics

Sportswear fabrics are the key ingredient to the performance of any active or sportswear garment. It’s the blend of different fibres and even the construction

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UK Sportswear samples and production – Pitfalls start-ups make

We receive at least 3-4 calls a month from entrepreneurs wanting to start up a sportswear brand that have invested heavily in samples, tech packs and patterns and received samples and tech packs that are next to useless and a bulk price that is totally unrealistic. There are a couple of UK sample houses that offer clients the chance to produce samples, patterns and even production. To a start-up, this sounds ideal as you think you have found a UK source with low volume, however this “Ideal” soon

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