Be Cool In Wool

ashmei uses Merino wool: because for them, the focus is all about creating the ultimate sports apparel.

When it comes to apparel, the trend since the introduction of synthetics fabrics, has been a race to the bottom, a process of doing less and less in the way of innovation. As a simple experiment to prove this, go into any running store and take a selection of t-shirts, tights or jackets and cover up the logo: we think you would be very hard-pressed to differentiate between one brand’s product and the others.

That is why ashmei uses Merino wool: because for them, the focus is all about creating the ultimate apparel. They know that by creating the best, they can offer kit to their customers that they will treasure as it fits with their aim of being the best they can be.

Merino wool is peerless when it comes to performance: it is anti-bacterial, non-itchy, warm when it is cold and cooling when it is warm, recyclable and sustainable.

Anti-bacterial: Here is the science: sweat contains not just water and salt, but also oils, fat and other organic compounds as well as anything that was on our skin, such as lotions. As the water in our sweat wicks through synthetic fabrics, these constituents of sweat get stuck in the pores in the material’s fibres. The trapped materials create an irresistible feast for bacteria, which create the smell that is synonymous with endurance sports kit. Merino wool fibres are different to synthetic fibres for two simple reasons: the surface does not provide a matrix that for the compounds in sweat that bacteria love so much, to cling to. Merino fibres also do not hold a static charge, unlike synthetic materials, which makes merino even less attractive to bacteria.

Non-itchy: There is a misconception that Merino wool is itchy. This is based on the fact that normal wool is not all smooth. However Merino wool, and especially the Merino that we use for ashmei kit, is incredibly soft, smooth and strong, So our garments are non-itchy, smooth, thin and incredibly strong. Just the way nature intended.

Temperature regulating: Merino wool has been proven to be the ideal temperature regulating material: warm when it is cold and thanks to its natural feel and superior wicking properties, cool when it is warm.

Better for the environment: Synthetic materials are bad for the environment, not only because of the petrochemicals used to manufacture them but also because of the aggressive chemicals required to clean them and the fact that once the stink gets too bad, they are not easily recycled and usually end up in a landfill. Not so, Merino wool.

The source could not be more natural. There are no requirements for chemicals to keep the nasty smells at bay. And after years of use, when you do want to replace your Merino apparel, it can be recycled or is completely biodegradable.

So there you have it – Merino wool is quite simply the best fibre available when it comes to delivering high-performance material. Allowing you to focus on delivering your own high performance.

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