Book a professional 1:1 video consultation session with Sportswear design and start-up brand expert Stuart Brooke.

Ask an Expert allows you to take advantage of Stuart 31 years of sportswear design, sourcing and brand start-up experience in an easily accessible format.

The Ask an Expert session fee is refundable if we decide to work together on a project. The cost of the session will be credited against the project fees.

Stuart established Blue Associates Sportswear in 1997 and has consulted to 450+ sports brands with his focus on small brands and start-ups since 2008. His clients are based all over the world and generally have limited knowledge of the activewear industry and have never launched a brand or business before. Sound like you? Then book a session and ask those questions you need answers to.

The time you book is yours to ask any questions, share photos, presentations and ideas for discussion or simply understand the process of launching a sportswear brand correctly.

About Stuart

Stuart graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1993 after studying his Masters in Menswear Fashion. He sharpened his teeth at The Pentland Group where he designed, developed, sourced and managed the launch of performance outdoor products before setting up Blue Associates Sportswear in 1997.

Since then, Blue Associates Sportswear have worked with hundreds of established brands across all sporting sectors that include Football, Running, Cycling, Outdoor, Golf, Gym, Fitness and Equestrian to name a few. They have partner factories across Europe, China and Vietnam and work with over 150 performance fabric mills around the world.

Since 2008, his focus has been to assist start-ups and smaller brands that don’t have industry knowledge with many never owning their own business or have never launched a brand before.

  • Start Ups
  • Fundraising & Investment
  • Branding
  • Brand positioning
  • Sportswear Design
  • Sourcing and Sampling
  • Production
  • Web
  • Marketing


Simply book your slot and prepare your questions or presentation.

The consultation session will be conducted over zoom and you will receive an invite for you to log on.

The session is yours and allows you to lead the discussion to make sure you have the opportunity to ask what you need to know more about. You can share your screen if you have any images, presentations or ideas you want to share.

Anything you need answers to. Don’t feel you need to share everything buy make sure you have a list of questions (however stupid you may think they are) so you have the answers before you start your project.

Ask anything about how to launch, what mistakes to avoid, what the process is, where to source or if you think your idea has potential. The choice of questions is completely up to you.

The time is yours and Stuart is there to share his experience and knowledge.

Simply book another session.

NO. This is a simple consultancy session for you to learn more. There are no commitments to work with us but if this is of interest, please let Stuart know so he can share any relevant information.

There are no refunds, however if we decide to work together, then the cost of the session will be credited against the project fees.

Note that no deliverables will be provided within the session. The session is a simple discussion and the opportunity to find out information.

You have the ability to share your screen if you have a presentation, sketches or information. It’s not essential however to share anything and most sessions are a simple discussion about what your plans are followed by some key questions you may have about the process.

Simply email [email protected] and provide Stuart with some times that work for you.

Please share your location so the time zones can be considered.

£40 minutes – £350

If we decide to work together on a project, then the cost of the session will be credited against the project fees.

Yes, we work with around 50 clients at any one time across the world.

40 minutes should be enough time to answer the most important questions you need answers to. If you need more time, simply book another session.

Yes, you can reschedule providing it is done 48hours before the session starts.

Simply email [email protected] and advise you want to reschedule and what times/days suit.

Each session is 40 minutes long and will be conducted over zoom. The session will automatically cut off after 40 minutes. If you need more time, then simply book another session.

All of the times presented on our website are local to your time. For example, in you are based in New York, the times will be presented in ET.

We luckily receive over 10 enquiries a day and cannot afford to have a call with everyone. We therefore charge a fee to help cover the cost of the time and quality of information you will receive from the call. This fee is 100% refundable against the project fees if we work together.


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